XTU X1/S3 Action Camera USB Dual Charger Kits

XTU X1/S3 Action Camera Rechargeable Battery 2 x 1350mAh with USB Dual Charger (only sell to JP)

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If you are in JP, you can choose to buy from www.xtucam.com and ship from the amazon warehouse, but you can't enjoy a return and exchange service. Actually, the battery is almost not any quality problem, and don't need to ask for after-service. You can also buy from amazon stores and enjoy Amazon's service.

Amazon JP: https://amzn.to/3ojpACV

If you are in the rest of the world, you need to look for a similar battery in your local market. If you can't make sure which brand's battery can compatible with the XTU action camera, just directly contact us.

Sorry for giving you a bad purchase experience, the pure battery can't be shipped by international express, so you can't buy XTU batteries in the Canadian market now. You can try to buy other brands' batteries which may be compatible.