Action Camera

S6 helps you record endless sports style

Doorbell Camera

J10 makes security smarter

Wildlife Camera

H20 records every hunting experience you have

Solar Panel

Suitable for places without electricity

Introducing the XTU S6 Action Camera: Your Ultimate Adventure Companion

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Ultra-clear image quality, enjoy wonderful moment, X1 records every hunting experience

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Waterproof and dustproof, camouflage design, RS12 adapts to any environment

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Customer Testimonials

Great Doorbell Cameras(J10 Plus)

These are a great buy if you need to keep an eye on your house. My Wife and I have 2. 1 outside and 1 inside just to keep and eye on things. They work great. You also never have to worry about missing someone show up to your home. If they ring the doorbell it will come through to your phone anywhere you are at. And you can easily see them and talk to them. My Wife and I absolutely love both of ours.

Harry Wojahn

Excellent appareil photo pour les aventuriers !

I recently purchased the S6 Action Cam and am absolutely thrilled with the quality and features of this device. As an outdoor athlete and adventurer, I was looking for a camera that was robust, versatile and easy to use, and the XTU meets all of these criteria. It also offers good value for money.


Excellent value

Starting with its setup, the trail camera is a breeze to configure. The WiFi trail camera setup process is straightforward, allowing even those new to trail cameras to get it up and running with ease. The user manual provides clear instructions. The camara does require 8 AA batteries which are not included. In terms of performance, this camera doesn't disappoint. The camera's night vision capabilities, in particular, are commendable, providing clear and detailed images even in low-light conditions. Perfectly designed to withstand various weather conditions. I highly recommend this camara for its performance and value.

Patricia Gibbs