Pre-sale inquiry: What is your return policy or warranty? How long will I receive the product?

XTU Camera warranty policy for return or exchange


If you buy from Amazon USA/CA/JP/UK/DE shop, you can directly apply after-sale service on amazon seller service: 1-month free return and exchange, 1-year lifetime warranty. If you are in the USA, you can apply the Walmart service: 1-month free return and exchange, 1-year lifetime warranty.

If you buy from, we will prefer to ship from the Amazon warehouse. If the camera has no inventory in your local amazon warehouse, we will directly ship from China's warehouse and test it well before shipping. But there is something trouble that we only have overseas warehouses in the USA and Japan, which means only buyers in USA , Japan, China can enjoy free return and exchange service. Make sure you sincerely want to buy our cameras, not ask for a refund for a ridiculous reason.

Both are 100% new, part products will directly ship from your local amazon warehouse, but products sold on are cheaper than the amazon stores because they don't include free return and exchange service. If you don't like this product and you aren't in the USA/JP, you need to ship it to our China's warehouse and pay the delivery fee, then we will refund you or exchange another one. Make sure you don't mind this warranty policy.

Normally no products shipped from China warehouse have been complained about the quality and then applied for return or exchange service. Because we have tested them well before shipping. 



The order processing time is less than two weekdays. The total delivery time will be 2-7 days from the Amazon warehouse. Some products stored in Amazon USA, JP, CA, UK, DE will be in 2-7 days, but some not stored in these warehouses will be shipped from China's warehouse. 6-13 days to the main European countries and east/southeast of Asia, 8-15 days to the USA, 10-15 days to Australia/Canada, 15-30 to the rest of the world. It's sincerely recommended to consult us for a current delivery time and inventory before making a purchase decision.